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Fragments is a collaborative project between the writers Jeroen van den Berg (Rotterdam) and Ian Rowlands (Carmarthen, Wales). It premiered at the 2016 Oerol Festival in a dip in the sand dunes near Hoorn. The production was performed twice a day from Friday 10th to Sunday 19th June.
Fragments can be seen in Rotterdam, in the Fenix Loods on Katendrecht (above the Fenix Food Factory) from 25th August to 3rd September.


Fragments is a philosophical story about travel and the changing relationship between mankind and the landscape it finds itself in.
Two friends, the one from Wales, the other from the Netherlands, ask themselves what travel has done for them. They regard the world from the perspective of the flat Dutch polders and the rugged mountains of Wales, at a time when reality and the virtual are increasingly merging, where all sorts of digital networks allow us to be in several places simultaneously. Just like the Renaissance painters, they attempt to understand the place of mankind in the landscape. What does modern man’s horizon look like now? And what is there beyond it for him to discover?
Fragments has been developed in collaboration with the Oerol Festival Theatr Ardudwy (Wales) and premiered in a hollow in a sand dune in Hoorn. In Rotterdam, Fragments will be performed in front of a view of the inspirational urban landscape of the city.
The production is bilingual (in English and Dutch).

Actors and Staff


Dyfan Roberts
Maarten Wansink

Artistic team

Text Jeroen van den Berg, Ian Rowlands
Performance Dyfan Roberts, Maarten Wansink
Design Ellen Klever
Music Jaap van Keulen


Production/business management Judith Huizing
Production Joanne Mensert
Photography Daphne van de Velde



Fragments is a collaborative project of Toneelgroep Jan Vos and Theatr Ardudwy in Harlech in Wales with the Rotterdamse Schouwburg for the performances in that city.
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do 25 aug 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel
vr 26 aug 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel
za 27 aug 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel
do 1 sep 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel
vr 2 sep 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel
za 3 sep 16FragmentsFenix Loods – Rotterdam20.00uBestel